Pros and Cons of Android Phones

Android is basically a software stack built especially for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. Taken over by Google in 2005, today Android OS is one of the most popular operating system for phones. Mobile companies all over the world are accepting it with open arms. Recently Google promised a series of positive changes regarding Android, as the operating system is climbing the pinnacle of popularity. More than 60 Android smartphones are available in the market today and more than 100,000 models are sold on a daily basis.

Today, Android OS is the world’s best-selling smartphone platform. It offers its users more than 200,000 apps but with the rising popularity, critics are pretty sure that it's going to cross the 1 million mark soon. Google has made a very explosive entry in the mobile market with Android and this smart move has served them very well. Today, Android smartphones also hold the honor of being the fastest selling phones in the market.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Android Phones

The availability of different operating systems and phones has confused most people. Should they try out Android phones or no? Perhaps an overview on the pros and cons of Android phones will help potential smartphones buyers make a better choice.



People can have all the Android benefits they want to use. it's one of the most user-friendly mobile operating systems in the world today and customization is pretty easy.


This freedom of customization is bound to create some problems in the near future. When a user can customize the phone to his/her heart’s content, he/she's bound to make a mess. Before buying an Android smartphone, it's wise to have technical knowledge about the functioning of the system.



Most Android smartphones have an option of a removable battery which allows all its users to buy an extra battery if the old one doesn’t work for some reason. If the internal memory of the phone is too small for the user, an expandable memory option is always there. A SD card can be bought for more memory. Virtual typing is the new ‘IN THING’. it's fun for some people and a problem for some. Since the concept of virtual typing or ‘Touch Screen’. Is still new, many Android phones are still available with a typing keyboard.


A big disadvantage with most Android phones is the small screen size. This shortcoming makes some competitors like the iPhone a better option. The choice of phones available with physical keyboards is very less and most consumers aren't satisfied with the poor image quality of mobile camera.



The recent popularity of the Android OS has led leading mobile phone companies like HTC, Samsung Electronics, Motorola and many others to choose Android to run their smartphones. The market is flooded with different types of devices such as tablet PCs, music players and other devices which run on Android OS.


People say that too much of anything is bad. So many smartphones in the market and it's really not possible to keep a track of pros and cons of every Android phone. Each phone is better than the next and unless and until consumers don’t buy the phone, it's difficult to point out the shortcomings of the product.



The Android Market has over 200,000 apps now and many more are added on a daily basis. it's very simple to install and download apps from the Android Market. If the user is bored with an app, he/she can remove it from the phone very easily, the procedures aren't long and time-consuming like other phones.


The Apple App Store is still offering better and many of apps than the present Android Market. This disadvantage can prove very costly for Android who’s trying very hard to give tough competition to Apple. Plus many useful apps in Android Market aren't free which again means spending money buying them.

Launch of Android OS


The best part about Google’s Android is that it launches a new version of Android almost every 3 months. New version means many more applications and games to choose from and various bugs removed and improvements over the older version. Updating the phone with new versions helps users to enjoy better services.


Not everyone is happy with this constant change by Google and the truth isn't everyone can afford to keep updating their phones with newer versions of Android now and then. To keep the phone updated many people try rooting their phone which is considered as very risky. Rooting an Android phone is same as jailbreaking an iPhone, one wrong move and the phone can be as useless as a brick. Hence, rooting should always be done after looking at the various risks.



Android phones are the latest craze in the market and are getting popular with the masses at a very fast rate. The biggest beneficiary are the consumers as they're getting so many choices and the prices are also not that high.


We've become to dependent on this mobile technology. It's made people so lazy that they prefer talking on the phone instead of having a face-to-face conversation. The fact that extensive usage of any mobile phone can cause health hazards can't be ruled out.

These were some pros and cons of using Android phones. Cell phones have become an undeniable part of our lives and currently it's very difficult to work without them. Hope the readers have found the information they were looking for.

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