Susteen’s Secure View 3 for Forensics Recovers Deleted Data for Android Phones | Business Wire

IRVINE, Calif.–()–Susteen, Inc. announced today that Secure View 3 recovers deleted data

from the large majority of Android phones. Law enforcement, military and

government consultants can now retrieve <a rel="wpi". Target="_blank". Title="Mechanic Saves Baby's Life After Alert From Cell Phone App | Fox …". Href="">cell phone</a>. Information

previously erased from various devices.


<p style="text-align: center">Multiple keywords search of extracted data across all

content types and multiple handsets at the same time.

  • Timeline analysis (hours, days. Months) on all data sets (call

    logs, SMS/MMS, contact, calendar. Other data such as web history).

  • data link from phone activity (calls and texts)

    or contacts (phone book entry).



    Prime Number: list cell phone activities by frequency.



    Activity Map: graphical illustration of phone activities (in/out calls

    and texts) in hour by hour data (24 hours) or by daily data.



    Gallery: identify date, time, file name and pixels. Possible GPS

    coordinates with META geo tags of pictures taken by cell phones. It

    also allows users to identify similar pictures from multiple phones.



    or contact our sales department at

    Susteen, Inc. is an international design solution provider, specializing

    in the area of data communications and mobile computing. Susteen strives

    to enhance data communications through multi-level applications. To

    develop products that provide convenience to the client through

    technological innovations. Susteen’s vision is to ascend to the position

    of worldwide dominant player in the seamless data management software

    industry through the ongoing enhancement of product quality and complete

    satisfaction of the stakeholders involved. Susteen is based in Irvine,


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