Templar Assault RPG Elite

Templar Assault RPG Elite

Templar Assault RPG Elite Rating:
List Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $2.99
(as of 09/18/2014 21:01 UTC - Details)

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Product Description

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  • Fight against the terror the alien in tight corridor to corridor combat
  • Every turn counts in Templar Assault - high tension combat
  • Over 100 levels across the Star Traders Quadrant, battling aliens, Rogue Traders, pirates, and heretics
  • Build, equip, and train your elite Templar squad
  • Deploy specialist soldiers from Hydra Incinerator, Neptune heavy-machine gunners, fast-moving scouts, and sword-bearing captains
  • Epic space opera scenario
  • Deep tactical game play
  • Old-school game styling
  • Professional soundtrack

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