The Very Best iPad and Android Tablet Apps and Games: Tabby Awards Announce 2014 Winners and Users’ Choice Picks

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 06, 2014

The Tabby Awards, the only global competition for the best tablet apps and games, unveils the 2014 list of Tabby Awards winners, as well as the first Users’ Choice app list.

The 30 Winners were selected last spring by an international panel of independents judges, chaired by Christopher Cunningham, Technology director of the Huge agency in New York. Most judges were experienced app professionals. Officials from the Entertainment Consumers Association helped judge the game categories.

“Overall, the judges were impressed by both the quality and variety of entrants this year,” says Christopher Cunningham. “The best apps take full advantage of the tablet form factor to create unique and engaging user experiences.”

Users’ Choice have been awarded by app users. In June and July, app users and gamers voted on the site for their favourite app among panel-selected finalists in each category. Almost 100,000 votes have been received in this first public poll.

Winners and Users’ Choice recipients are from Belarus, Canada, the Czech Republic, Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. The list includes apps from well-known publishers like CBS, Disney, Electronic Arts, Flipboard, Kobo, Morningstar, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, Rosetta Stone and Swiftkey, as well as many apps from smaller, innovative publishers.

Here are the best iPad and Android tablet apps and games in 2014:

Android apps and games:

Android / Education

  • Winner and Users’ Choice: Rosetta Course, by Rosetta Stone (United States)

Android / Entertainment

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  • Winner: CBS App, by cbsi (United States)
  • Users’ Choice: Fandango, by Fandango (United States)

Android / Lifestyle

  • Winner: HotelTonight, by HotelTonight (United States)
  • Users’ Choice: Weather Live, by Apalon (Belarus)

Android / News &. Magazines

  • Winner: News Republic, by News Republic (United States)
  • Users’ Choice: Flipboard, by Flipboard (United States)

Android / Personal Productivity

  • Winner and Users’ Choice: SwiftKey Keyboard, by SwiftKey (United Kingdom)

Android / Utilities &. Tools

  • Winner and Users’ Choice: avast! Mobile Security, by Avast Software (Czech Republic)

Android / Game: Puzzle, Cards &. Family

  • Winner: Marvel Puzzle Quest, by D3Publisher (United States)
  • Users’ Choice: My Talking Tom, by Outfit7 (United Kingdom)

Android / Game: Action, Adventure, Simulation &. Strategy

  • Winner: Frontline Commando 2, by Glu Mobile (United States)
  • Users’ Choice: Samurai Siege, by Space Ape Games (United Kingdom)

iPad apps and games:

iPad / Books &. Reference

  • Winner: Robots for iPad, by IEEE Spectrum (United States)
  • Users’ Choice: Kobo Books, by Kobo (Canada)

iPad / Education / Children

  • Winner and Users’ Choice: Dora's Great Big World, by Nickelodeon (United States)

iPad / Education / Adults, professionals and general

  • Winner: Star Walk HD –. 5 Stars Astronomy Guide, by Vito Technology (United States)
  • Users’ Choice: Rosetta Course, by Rosetta Stone (United States)

iPad / Entertainment

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  • Winner and Users’ Choice: Disney Animated, by Disney Interactive (United States)

iPad / Health &. Fitness

  • Winner and Users’ Choice: Fit Brains Trainer, by Rosetta Stone (United States)

iPad / Kids &. Family

  • Winner: Endless Alphabet, by Originator (United States)
  • Users’ Choice: LetterSchool, by Sanoma Media (Netherlands)

iPad / Lifestyle

  • Winner: Makr, by Makr (United States)
  • Users’ Choice: Stylebook, by left brain / right brain (United States)

iPad / Magazines

  • Winner and Users’ Choice: National Geographic Magazine, by National Geographic Magazine (United States)

iPad / Medical

  • Winner: Unbound Medline – PubMed, Journals. Grapherence Access, by Unbound Medicine (United States)
  • Users’ Choice: Rain, Rain, by Tim Gostony (United States)

iPad / News

  • Winner and Users’ Choice: Flipboard, by Flipboard (United States)

iPad / Personal Finance

  • Winner: HL Live for iPad, by Hargreaves Lansdown &. Mubaloo (United Kingdom)
  • Users’ Choice: Morningstar for iPad, by Morningstar (United States)

iPad / Personal Productivity

  • Winner: Flowboard, by Flowboard (United States)
  • Users’ Choice: DocuSign, by DocuSign (United States)

iPad / Photo, Video &. Music

  • Winner: Storehouse, by Storehouse Media (United States)
  • Users’ Choice: RealPlayer Cloud, by RealNetworks (United States)

iPad / Social

  • Winner and Users’ Choice: Bria iPad Edition, by CounterPath (Canada)

iPad / Sports

  • Winner and Users’ Choice: theScore, by theScore (Canada)

iPad / Travel, Navigation, Local &. Weather

  • Winner and Users’ Choice: –. Hotel Reservation App for iPad, by (Netherlands)

iPad / Utilities &. Tools

  • Winner: Wake Alarm Clock, by Tiny Hearts (Canada)
  • Users’ Choice: Real Estate App, by Move (United States)

iPad / Game: Action, Adventure, Arcade &. Racing

  • Winner: Real Racing 3, by Electronic Arts (United States)
  • Users’ Choice: Plants vs. Zombies 2, by PopCap Games (United States)

iPad / Game: Board, Casual, Puzzle &. Word

  • Winner: LYNE, by Thomas Bowker (Australia)
  • Users’ Choice: Cut the Rope 2, by ZeptoLab (United States)

iPad / Game: Cards, Casino &. Dice

  • Winner: Farkle Sparkle, by Brickroad Games (United States)
  • Users’ Choice: Vegas World, by FlowPlay (United States)

iPad / Game: Kids, Education &. Family

  • Winner and Users’ Choice: My Talking Tom, by Outfit7 (United Kingdom)

iPad / Game: RPG, Simulation &. Strategy

  • Winner: Man at Arms TD, by Inert Soap (United States)
  • Users’ Choice: Towerful, by String of Games (United States)

The full list of Winners, Users’ Choice and Finalists, with links to download them, is available now at

The Tabby Awards holds a separate annual competition for business and enterprise apps, called the Tabby Awards /Business. This competition currently welcomes submissions from app developers and publishers until Friday, August 8 at the Tabby Awards /Business site.

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