Things Every Android Developer Should Consider

Technology is evolving immensely and you should be able to chase in each and every progress so that you're not left behind. While the entire world has entered a mobile age, as a result the app industry is booming. Whenever we go, everybody wants a piece of the digital pie with best operating systems and handy software applications. If compared all platforms, android smartphones have more features and a stronger platform. These factors make android smartphones better than the smartphones. Today, Android smartphones are sold like hot cakes in the market giving tough competitions to iPhones. This offers Android developers a profitable opportunity to improve their skills for Android App development ranging in wide number of categories.

Android devices can now participate in IBM's World Community Grid

Below is a list of things that every Android developer should keep in mind to make sure that the App developed is best in terms of quality and functionality.

Learning the Essentials &. Polishing the skills

App Piracy Is Hurting Android Developers’ Bottom Lines | Business Wire

BOSTON--(’s 2011 US Consumer Survey, but not all platforms are participating equally in the frenzy. Android developers make much less money from paid apps than do Apple iOS developers. A recent survey of 75 Android developers conducted by

Findings include:

Piracy is a problem for Android Among the Android developers...

it's very important to have knowledge of SQL in order to develop functional Android Apps. To become a successful Android app developer, you need to update yourself with the latest trends, tools and technologies. You also can refer to various blogs, forums and online tutorials for new tips and tricks.

Develop New Strategies

Like any other platform, Android also defines a clear cycle that needs to be followed to develop quality Android Apps. From the beginning it's necessary to have a clear idea of what type of app we want to develop and how it'll perform. This helps in saving time and also helps in marketing and promoting app.

Testing the App

Testing is the most crucial step for any , be it very large or a small app. it's essential for a developer to test the app thoroughly and also insure that the app performs well when installed on the Android devices. If these apps don't work properly, then it'd probably create bad impressions on the minds of the users.

Cost Effective Apps

Android apps are open source, hence it allows you to download it and customize it easily with very less expenses. The only place where you've to invest is in development and testing only. With this, there comes in a huge demand for such applications that can be available for a reasonable cost.

Your sincere consideration of the above things, will greatly boost your chances of developing quality Android apps.

So if you've enough confidence on your capabilities, you just need to put into work along with your creativity, to develop a quality and user-friendly apps to your clients.

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