Top 5 WordPress Apps And Plug-ins

WordPress is a very popular blogging tool. Its various applications and plug-ins make it a very user-friendly . The job of apps and plug-ins is to link a particular website to others, so as, to increase its effectiveness and utility.</p>

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Top 5 WordPress Apps

1. Windows Live Writer: The Live Writer app allows you to share your pictures and videos with ease on several blog services including WordPress.

Mobile Applications

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2. ScribeFire: This blog editor app integrates with Firefox to allow you to update your blog easily.

3. MarsEdit: This app allows you to write and publish posts to your blog without the help of a web browser. Thus, you can blog directly from your Mac. It's a very user-friendly interface that

4. Spaz: This micro blogging application is an open source platform for Twitter. It also allows you to post and read blogs at WordPress.

5. Twidroid: This is the Twitter client for Android and a very widely used application. It's for Android devices. It's available in two versions- free and commercial pro. The Pro version comes with additional features. It supports reading and posting of WordPress blogs.

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Top 5 WordPress Plug-ins

1. Gravity forms: This plug-in is very helpful for managing forms online. It allows pre population of form fields.

2. Page mash: Page Mash allows users to modify page structures by simply dragging the page. This app is very useful for WordPress websites with multiple pages.

3. Google XML Sitemaps: The job of this plug-in is to create a sitemap for your website and notify all major search engines. It also notifies these search engines every time you make changes on your website.

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4. WP Logic: This plug-in allows every widget extra control. If your blog and website is essentially the same website, you can manipulate your blog categories to show only on “posts”. Not on “pages”. Using this app.

5. WP Super Cache: The WordPress super Cache can enhance the performance of your website. This is especially useful if you've a popular website. Super Cache works by storing a static copy of your website and showing it to your visitors. Thus, the website doesn't have to put together pieces of information every time.

These are just some of the popular apps and plug-ins on WordPress. The blogging tool has lots more to offer.

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