What is The Best Android Phone?

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what is the best android phone

With so many smartphones available on the market, it’s not surprising that many people want to know what is the Best Android Phone?

I’ll start my review with, not surprisingly, the newest arrival on the Android phone market – Sony Xperia Z1. This phone is currently on the market for around $650. You can order and pay online here with a visa or mastercard. So let’s see if this is something you’d want to ask Santy for Christmas.


In comparison with previous Sony Xperia this phone is a little bit thicker. If you are looking for exact dimensions, here it is: It’s 8.5 mm thick with the length of 144 mm and 74 mm width and it weighs 170g. So it’s still quite a thin phone with relatively narrow bezel and overall well proportioned.

The phone looks classy and elegant with its aluminium bezel band and Dragon Trial glass front and back design. The main disadvantage of design is that the glass panel gets smudgy after a bit of handling, and you’d kind of want to give it a wipe time after time. Luckily there is a white model of Sony Xperia Z1 available too, which you might consider if seeing dust and finger prints on your phone really bothers you.


what is the best android phoneThe phone has a large 5-inch display with full HD resolution at 440 pixels –per-inch. It uses latest Sony Technologies such as Triluminos display and X-Reality Engine. The colors look very natural and rich with the reasonably good contrast. There is no doubt that the sharpness and brightness of Xperia’s display are excellent and gives you a perfect and clear picture even in the bright sunshine.
The brilliant latest Sony’s technologies that were used in developing this model allow you to have superb cinematic experience and watch movies in HD and playing flashy video games.


The phone is running on Android 4.2.2 this is not the most resent version but, according to Sony, the update (4.3) is on its way.  The new interface adds the lock-screen features. This means that apart from your default widgets such as clock, date and a camera you can add your own features to be displayed on the screen from the list of apps.

Android’s multitasking carousel now includes Sony’s “small apps” bar from which you can choose a range of mini apps as overlay windows on the home screen.  This bar is scrollable and includes calculator, voice recorder, browser, sticky notes tool, screen capture tool and stopwatch.

You can also download more small apps via Google Play or convert existing widgets into small apps.
In overall the UI is quite functional even though keyboard seems a bit clunky but the Swipe-style gesture works really well and you can easily replace the default keyboard with the one to your liking.

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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 runs Android without a hitch; it’s well capable of supporting a lot of multitasking activities such as seriously graphically demanding gaming.
The new Sony Experia has a larger 3,000mAh battery and this is a lot of power. With 100% charge and full screen brightness and Wi-Fi it will easily last you for 2 full days with a moderate usage.


what is the best android phoneThe Xperia Z1camera features a lot of impressive specs. It has 20.7 megapixel Exmor RS sensor plus a top spec G lens, LED flash and BIONZ image processor. 

You might be a lit bit disappointed to find out though, that to use a 20-megapixel capacity you need to put you phone’s camera into a Manual mode which requires a lot of tweaking.

But on the other hand the 8 megapixels range which is a standard feature of Auto and Superior Auto modes allows you to take very good high quality picks. You might also like improved features such as low noise level, better focus and excellent color saturation.


Storage capacity of Sony Xperia Z1 is 16GB. This is a lot of memory, but might not be enough for those who downloads a lot of music and movies. But this problem can be easily solved with microSD slot which allows you to feed your phone with up to 64 GB of external memory.
The browsing speed of the phone is impressive and even outscores Galaxy Note 3.


For  a phone with a single loudspeaker it give a decent quality audio experience with a good volume range and easily accessible volume button on the right hand side of the bezel just under the power button. The phone includes all the standard features such as music player, radio, speaker and song storage.


Great device in terms of design and build quality. It’s a very powerful and extremely fast android phone with a high-end camera as the main attraction of this phone.

Apart from minor issues, it’s an excellent, fast and powerful phone that won’t disappoint even the most demanding smartphone adepts.
So I would definitely put it on my Santa’s wish list this year!



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What else is on the market?

what is the best android phoneLG G2

The G2 is a large phone with a high-quality, HD screen. It offers an edge-to-edge display and a high-power, quad-core CPU running at 2.26GHz, it also has 2GB of RAM. The phone features a powerful 13 megapixels camera with optical image stabilisation and an anti-fingerprint sapphire glass lens. The controls for the phone are situated around the rear of the chassis.

Best for power-hungry apps and video games!



what is the best android phoneAsus Fonepad Note 6

This phone features a massive six-inch, super IPS+LCD screen and eight-megapixel camera plus a 1.2megapixel front-facing camera.

This as an excellent phone for video fans as it has stereo speakers positioned in the front. The phone comes with either 16GB or 32GB of memory and includes 2GB of RAM.

Asus comes with stylus for controlling the interface, similar to the phablets that make up the Galaxy Note Series.



What is the best Android phone ZTE Blade VWhat is the best Android phone if you are on a budget?

ZTE Blade V is a very good answer to this question. Blade V offers a basic, four-inch WVGA screen, Android 4.1, long battery life and 2GBof storage – ideal entry level smartphone.


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