Will android one increase the demand of smartphones in India?

With this launch and many other previous launches it's very clear that the Indian smartphone market will be having a huge demand for smartphones for both low budget smartphones as well as high end smartphones. Already in India the availability of many low budget smartphones are high. Google decided to start the sale for android One in other developing countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Philippines. This will help in building a strong rapport in the Indian market for Android One, this even threatens other competitors as Android One has a wide launch strategy. Google had just one idea which was to offer smartphones at affordable prices with high end features in the phones and this suit almost all countries and in India the trend for low budget phones is at a craze. Once the sales will start for Android One in India the demand for smartphones in India will certainly increase. As the competition will increase among all other brands and they'll come with more new devices with many new features and this will attract more users to demand for such devices and the overall demand for smartphones in India will increase. India gives a great platform to all smartphone developers to come sell their devices in the Indian market and this showcase the great results of raised up demands and with Google plans to push Android globally. India is providing a fertile ground for instant results and with this Android One will have a strong reception and this can increase the consolidation for this device. With all these strategies it's lead to a surge in demand for low budget Android phones. Analysts and industry sources also note the potential for Google to expand revenue in ways more favorable to itself than in the past, as Android One phones won’t come with the heavy customisation that Samsung and other phone makers using the Android operating system provide. Even the Indian phone manufacturers are banking on Android One so to grab a good share and even providing space for other exports.


The Motorola Flipout Is An Exciting New Release

Due for release later this month, the exciting new Motorola FlipOut boasts a number of impressive features. Ranging from a , unique five row QWERTY keyboard and Wi-Fi Internet access, this new Smartphone also utilises the renowned Android operating system (v2.1).
The Motorola FlipOut boasts the ability to display up to 256K colours within a pixel layout of 320x 240 pixels on its 2.8 inch TFT touchscreen. This results in good quality display of on screen imagery and the user interface, making it perfect for viewing photos and video files. As well as utilising a touchscreen, the FlipOut...

There is one point by which the demand for smartphones in India is increasing which is that only 10% of population has access to smartphones in the price range of INR 6,000 to INR 15,000 and the common man’s smartphone is gliding a good pace because of this.

Greyhound Research also believes that while this launch will help increase mindshare (and market share) amongst consumers, a lot of these smartphones will be used in enterprises. This is a critical point given the increase in adoption of a Mobile First and BYOD policies amongst enterprises in India. This also indicates an increased cost for enterprises to support these devices. Android One launch won't just help in Increasing the demands for smartphones but this will also help in connecting people in connecting well through technology which isn't even costly. The availability of mobile phones in each everybody’s hand  will even help in providing banking services to the unbanked and the focus from developer community will shift to making apps that'll intern help in improving the citizens life and information availability will be more.

Android One presence in India has certainly made an increase in the Indian smartphone market. With subsequent interventions the growth rate for smartphone will also increase for sure.

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